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Transform a Tour with Concourse

Meet Mrs. Jones, she just booked your tour to Patagonia.

Experience the difference Concourse can make in her tour!

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Hey you!

Don't forget to turn Concourse on to transform the tour.

Docs Receives a mailing of pre-trip documents


Easily downloads docs


Asks for tips on clothing in the discussion board

User Meets Mr. Bloom in the forum, who is also arriving a day early with his family

Food Plans a pre-tour dinner in Chile with Mr. Bloom and family

List Downloads the packing list for the tour

Luggage Begins packing for the tour

Iphone Downloads the trip journal iPhone app to document her tour on-the-go!


Uploads photos from her favorite hike to her journal


Jots down notes and thoughts in the iPhone app

Friends Friends and family automatically receive daily email updates and leave comments on her photos... "Wow, what a spectacular trip!"

Facebook Shares her tour once more to friends on Facebook

Email Receives email survey


Order a photo books from her journal for her living room

Joins Mrs. Jones joins your online portal - her tour to Patagonia community


Creates a profile and introduces herself to fellow guests

Comment Mrs. Allen, who is also into photography, writes on Mrs. Jones’ wall about cameras. They quickly strike up a conversation and become friends.

Money Makes final payment


Reviews the outlets and exchange rates in Chile


Receives an automated tour weather update

Email Subscribes friends and family to receive her tour updates via email

Visits amazing places, eats great food, and makes new friends


Shares her journal full of photos and stories to Facebook


Uploads more photos to her journal and writes her final thoughts

Photo Swaps favorite photos with Mrs. Allen

Comment Comments on photos and exchanges email addresses with her new friends from the tour

Heart Loves her tour and recommends it to all her friends

"Concourse has gone above and beyond in helping us customize social and mobile tools that allow our travelers to share in real time their amazing travel experiences with friends and family."
Erik Qualman

Global Vice President of Digital Marketing at EF Educational Tours

Author of Socialnomics and Digital Leader

27 more reasons to love Concourse


We power your whole Concourse integration - no need to build your own technology or fire up servers.

Insight & Analytics

We track every metric and provide you with a dashboard to monitor how your travelers are using the software.


Integrate Concourse as a subdomain of your existing site using your logos, terminology, and color scheme.


Your branded iPhone/iPad/iPod app enables travelers to upload and interact on-the-go.

Support & Maintenance

We handle all customer support and site maintenance so you don't have to lift a finger.

Tested & Proven

Concourse served hundreds of thousands of travelers over the last two years. Our experience and expertise is your gain.


There is no limit to the number of travelers you can add. Concourse scales as you do.


You own the content your travelers create. Use the photos, stories, and reviews generated by your travelers to grow your business.


In one click, your travelers can create a photo book of their trip. There is no better way to memorialize the experience.


Leverage the content your travelers create as testimonials and drive more conversions.


Get new features in your Concourse installation on a monthly basis.


Robust privacy options let your travelers share what they want and not what they don't.

Online Documents

Enable your travelers to access important documents online by simply uploading them to Concourse. This can reduce customer service volume and redundant mailings.


Facebook changes their API frequently but you don't have to worry about that. Our staff handles all updates the moment any change occurs.

No Tech Resources Necessary

We know your tech team already has a full plate so you can run all of Concourse without a single line of code or work from your engineers.

Custom Themes

Concourse is part of your product and we'll go out of our way to make sure the look and feel matches your brand.

Offline Functionality

Using your iPhone/iPad/iPod application, your travelers can show off their photos and upload any where in the world.

Weather, FX, etc.

Concourse automatically pulls up-to-date weather, foreign exchange and other country specific information specific to your traveler's tour.

3rd Party Integrations

Concourse integrates with Flickr, Picasa, YouTube, Vimeo, Twitter and Facebook to enable your travelers to interact with their other social networks.


Concourse can handle complex tour itineraries including tours with pre and post tour extensions.

Widgets and Facebook Apps

Embed your favorite traveler journals and photos into your website. Flow your favorites into your Facebook page as well.

Quick To Set Up

Your Concourse installation can be set up and running in less than two weeks! How about that for ease and speed.

High Res Photos

There is no limit to the size and quantity of the photos your travelers upload.

Post Anything

Travelers can upload anything: photos, videos, stories, and other details.

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